Tim Cook on Charlie Rose. Some interesting insights in this one, worth a watch (no pun intended)!

The Hero Returns: Steve Jobs’ real genius

Some interesting details about Pixar in here and some thoughts on why Steve was able to help that company even with a less ‘hands-on’ role than what he had at Apple.

Five of Steve Jobs's Biggest Mistakes

An interesting list that reminds us that even those we revere didn’t always have wins.

Rare Interview on his Role at Apple
Jony Ive
BBC News Archives

A video celebrating Tim Cook from his alma mater. I found this interesting not just for the interviews that provide insight into his character, but also because it shows a difference between Tim and Steve Jobs that has never been highlighted so clearly before. Worth a watch.

London Calling

Today’s my last day of work before I take some long-needed Long Service Leave. My family and I are going to London for almost exactly 100 days. My wife will be studying patisserie  at Le Cordon Bleu and I will be looking after the kids. I’m really looking forward to the break, and to spending some more time with the boys, but it means that for the next couple of months this blog is probably more likely to be filled with London anecdotes than technology news, although there should be an Apple event at some point while we are away that I will likely blog about.

A great presentation for TEDMED 2013 by Erin Barker & Ben Lillie of Story Collide. The message on this video is really compelling and something that I’ve never thought about before, which is that even for research results, personal story works much better than statistics. It’s like when you watch TodayTonight, you want the individual story first because it means more, and then they can give you the stats of xx% of people have this problem. Going forward, I am going to try my best to exemplify this approach, make my presentations personal first and then present the work.

It’s not the consumer’s job to know what they want.

Steve Jobs

Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me … Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me.

Steve Jobs (seems appropriate to post this the day after a big WWDC announcement!)

CEO of Apple Tim Cook doing an interview with Walt & Kara for the D11 conference. It’s really interesting to watch him do a little dance with them, trying to avoid talking about new products while giving insightful answers. You do pick up a bit though, like the fact that iOS will be pretty different this year and that a watch seems much more likely than a TV in the fall. Definitely worth a watch!

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